Sunday, January 13, 2013

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Markopoulos Bomb Plot

Everybody has secrets. Everybody lies. And in strange cases like the disappearance of Maura Murray, it's hard to tell what is relevant and what is not. I'm sharing this because it's odd and because I would like a little more information about it from sources who may read this blog.

Here's the gist. Kate Markopoulos was one of the last people to see Maura Murray before she disappeared in rural New Hampshire. Kate was with Maura and Maura's father at the restaurant two days before Maura disappeared and was with Maura at a party in the dorms later that night.

From the beginning I could tell Kate was not being entirely straight forward with me. She claims not to remember a single other soul who was at the party that night. She says she does not know what Maura was planning.

A source close to the investigation sent me a link this week to an article about Kate's father, who lives in Eastern New York. Daniel Markopoulos spent some time in prison. He tried to blow up his neighbor with a homemade bomb, in 1995. Got out of jail in 2000.

I spoke to Kate briefly, yesterday.

She says her dad was wrongfully imprisoned, though Daniel admitted his crime in court.

When researching crimes, you look for outliers. Kate is an outlier. She has a friend who disappeared. She has a father who committed a very unique and odd crime. Both astronomical improbabilities.

It may have nothing to do with anything. She may have been dealt a terrible hand by fate. And like I said, we all have secrets. But, in my opinion, it is important enough to share if only to get a more complete picture.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Update & Title of Book...

I'm having second thoughts about Perilous. What do you think of All American Girl?

Also, I will be updating tomorrow with a pretty crazy story concerning one of the last people to see Maura Murray.

Monday, January 7, 2013

A personal story...

Today, I outed my grandfather as a prolific serial rapist. It's probably why I became fascinated with these unsolved cold cases. Follow the link.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Request for info

About a month after I began my research into the disappearance of Maura Murray I received a call on my cell phone from an "unlisted" number. On the other line was a man who, only based on the timbre of his voice, I assumed to be either African American or rather large. He said he was in a relationship with someone who knew Maura.

"There is something you should know," he said. "But I need her permission before I tell you."

I told him to call me back when he could.

I never heard from him again.

It seemed important and legitimate. I would very much like to hear from this man again.